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Here are standard industry Costs

Debilitating back or crippling migraine make people consider getting an appointment with a chiropractor. However, it is only normal for people to wonder how much a visit to chiropractic clinic will cost. Chiropractic treatments differ depending on location.

Meanwhile, even fees for chiropractors within the same area may still vary. Some chiropractors make it a point to charge their patients with higher fees, whereas other attract clients by lowering the payment for their offered services. Still, there are chiropractors who charge the normal cost for chiropractic treatments in a certain area.

Chiropractic fees normally depend on the offered treatments of unique services offered by the chiropractor. Some of these procedures are only performed during the initial visit the chiropractor, whereas others are conducted every appointment.

Initial examinations may cost around $150 to $300 along with x-ray examinations, which are normally priced at $25 to 50 per view. Adjustment procedures, which are done every visit, will normally cost $20 to $60, whereas reevaluation, which is conducted after 12 visits, should cost around $100.

Meanwhile, other chiropractors may recommend adjunctive procedures for further improvement of the patient. Regardless it’s a lot more expensive than a visit to a nail salon.


Though patients’ chiropractic treatment may be covered by insurance, patients may also be required to cough up some money for during their visits to the chiropractor. Chiropractor services can be paid through various means, some of which are the following:

  • CASH

Patients may their chiropractors by cash, personal check, or through their major credit cards.

  • CareCredit

CareCredit aid patients regarding unplanned medical emergencies.


Insurance policies may cover chiropractic treatments though patients may have pay their policies through deductible amounts or through contribution of co-payment.


There are chiropractors who take part in discount medical plans. These plans allow chiropractors to extend discounts on payments for their services.


Some chiropractors may offer additional 10% to 15% to avoid billing procedures and waiting for reimbursements.